RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown – May 10th, 2019

This week’s countdown took an unexpected turn from my predictions last week. After two weeks at the top, I Know Leopard drops to the #9 spot and the assumption that WALLOWS would be in the top spot certainly did not play out accordingly.

Here’s to the Band of Skulls claiming victory this week!


Artist                                                                                      Record

1          BAND OF SKULLS                                                  Love Is All You Love So

2          WINTERSLEEP                                                        In the Land Of Dine Alone

3          EMILY REO                                                              Only You Can See It Carpark

4          FANCLUB                                                                 All The Same

5          GIUDA                                                                       E.V.A. Burger

6          MURLOCS, THE                                                     Manic Candid Episode

7          WALLOWS                                                                Nothing Happens

8          BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE                                     Let’s Try The After

9          I KNOW LEOPARD                                                 Love Is a Landmine

10        AGES AND AGES                                                     Me You They We


Up and Coming:

Palehound | Black Friday [Advance Tracks]

Honorable Mention:

Jenny Lewis | On the Line

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