June’s Local Tunes

June has come and gone, and now’s the time to reflect on the artists from our home-state (and trust me, there is no shortage of incredible new local stuff).


Beach Language- Small Talk
Fans of sparkly synth rock and tender indie pop, be ready to listen to nothing but Small Talk for the rest of your summer.  This record is the newest from Beach Language, following their 2014 EP, Ludwig.  Make no mistake: these tracks fully deserve to be grooved to, but their dance-ready rhythms and musical flourishes are masquerading the gut-punch messages of crumbling communication.  Beach Language are not mincing words or talking weather with Small Talk, if anything, the songs deep dive from the get-go.  The band is playing a vinyl release in OKC in mid-July.
Summer Playlist Pick: “Fear Is a Restless Creature”

The Lunar Laugh-Goodnight Noises Everywhere

If lead single “Waiting for a Sign” is your only experience with Lunar Laugh, then you’re in for a surprise with the rest of this record.  While “Waiting” is a synth-y of-the-moment track, Goodnight is packed with classic sounds that will feel a little more familiar to fans of the band.  Goodnight is following the band’s previous Apollo (2015) and Mama’s Boy (2017).  On this record, the band has expanded to a four-piece: Jared Lekites, Connor Anderson, Campbell Young, and Jimmy Jackson.  The members create an instantly-classic feeling album that tip-toes between influences, leaving listeners with sweet harmonies and bouncy beats swimming through their heads.
Summer Playlist Pick: “By the Light of the Living Room”


Coming out of Norman, Poolboy are back on the local roundup with their debut full-length.  The 10 song LP packs as much of a punch as the single, “Be Radical”, promised.  This release follows their 2013 Soda Kids EP and features “Jurassic Mark”, a demo from the same year.  The lineup features Michael Loveland (guitar), Sean Barker (bass), and John Calvin (drums).  Poolboy is ready to be rocked out to–both in-person at a show or at home via streaming (or Hand Drawn-pressed vinyl!)
Summer Playlist Pick: “Dude”

Members of The Annie Oakley, Swim Fan, and Mad Honey have combined forces to bring Spinster’s self-titled debut.  These tracks have a little bit of everything: rock riffs, sleepy dream-pop sensibilities, and catchy hooks.  Breezily waltzing between energetic and tender, Spinster has a sound for every occasion.  Fortunately for us Okies, a change in plans leaves Spinster locally-based, at least for the near future.  The 28th marks the record’s release show, featuring Charlotte Bumgarner and Maddie Razook.
Summer Playlist Pick: Refuge


Audio Book Club-What If We Got Buff?

After dropping a couple of singles (“Dean” and “Vodka Soda”) last year, Audio Book Club is back with a four song EP.  The release rings in at just around twelve minutes, packed with an energy both wild and casual.  What If We Got Buff? is a house party where your friends invited their friends, and they invited their friends, and now there’s someone in the pool, great.  This EP is begging to be heard live, and boy oh boy, Audio Book Club are bringing it to OKC’s Speakeasy on June 29th for your listening pleasure.


Kat Lock-“Biggest Mistake”

“Biggest Mistake” is coming off OKC indie-rocker Kat Lock’s future album You Again.  This single features Layers of Pink and Sophia Massad with stellar harmonies (and killer hair).  This is the song for your summer fling soundtrack: romantic-impulsivity highly encouraged. There’s even promise of a video to keep your eye out for. To catch more of Kat, head to You Again‘s release show July 12th.

Special Thumbs-“Rise”

Rise” is the first glimpse we’ve gotten from Special Thumbs’ upcoming record, So Who Do You Know. The teasers for this anticipated release are cryptic: a negative-image of a lone rollerskate, a business card with not-near-enough information.  “Rise” garnered over a thousand streams in just 24 hours, and it’s easy to see why.

The Lukewarm-“Match Moods”

Tulsa’s The Lukewarm are back with a single (and more on the way!)  “Match Moods” is a slinky head-bopper that comes years after the band’s self-titled EP and singles, “In Your Eyes” and “The End”.  The band has played several shows around the area lately, most recently Chimera, Cameron Studios, and PH House.  Lukewarm will be apart of the June taping of Tulsa Little Jam, available online in the future.