Press Play: Los Retros

Mauri Tapia is the young mastermind behind SoCal indie band Los Retros. Los Retros takes influence from classic Latin pop stylings and soft rock from the 70s to form a far-out fusion that is perfect for summertime.

The group’s debut single Someone To Spend Time With (released in February of this year) features languid vocals energized by groovy basslines and classical guitar. The sunny and hazy sound of Someone To Spend Time With is not their only release fit for whiling away the dog days.

The band debuted their first EP “Retrospect” on May 20th and gifted listeners six tracks of lyrical authenticity and instrumental continuity. “Retrospect” is an expansion of Mauri’s sentiments surrounding life and love. Mauri bears his heart on track Friends, an ode to the complexity of platonic feelings developing into romantic longing. The instrumentals are as woozily romantic as the subject matter with funky electric guitar riffs and an easy-going beat. 

Los Retros have accomplished an ambitious first effort with honest lyricism and ear-catching melodies. The variety of influences that the band draws from formulates a sound that is unique and memorable.  Los Retros has cultivated impressive music at the beginning of their discographical journey that ensures the quality of projects to come.