Brittany Howard Announces Solo Project

Brittany Howard, the powerhouse vocalist behind Alabama Shakes, recently announced the release of her first solo project “Jaime”. The first bite of this ambitious debut came with the LP’s lead single History Repeats. In History Repeats, Howard’s distinct vocals take a subtler spot compared to works in her past but the urgency in her words is far from overshadowed. She begins with poignant lines, “I just don’t want to be back in this place again / I mean, I done cried a little / tried a little / failed a little”. Although the lyrics may be heavier, the beat is not weighed down. Funky instrumentals race alongside Howard’s vocals for a loose and lively sound.

“Jaime” is set to release September 20th. Check out the tracklist below:

1. History Repeats
2. He Loves Me
3. Georgia
4. Stay High
5. Tomorrow
6. Short and Sweet
7. 13th Century Metal
8. Baby
9. Goat Head
10. Presence
11. Run To Me