Press Play: Middle Kids

Just one listen of Middle Kids debut album “Lost Friends” will reveal why their music is so universally enjoyable. The trio (hailing from Sydney, Australia) is composed of frontwoman and guitarist Hannah Joy, her husband and bassist Tom Fitz, and drummer Harry Day. Their unique style of indie rock is anthemic with dynamic arrangements of piano, strings, and droning guitar pedals. 

“Lost Friends” lacks nothing in strength. Tracks begin as a simmer and it isn’t long before they boil into a soaring chorus. Joy’s powerful vocals are a superb delivery for her restless lyrics. In On My Knees Joy sings, “I swear when I’ve fallen off my feet / I stare at everything a little different / There’s something there that I have never seen.” Although the record ventures through many concepts of emotional turbulence, the end message is to remain optimistic. Check out the music video for On My Knees :