iDKHOW Release New Music Video

This morning dynamic duo Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seamen released a music video for “Social Climb”, a single from their debut EP 1981 Extended Play. The video was shot in the century-old McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City, Utah. The grandiose and yet slightly unsettling visuals are reminiscent of the Overlook Hotel, the central location of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.  Don’t let the dazzling sights be too distracting though, you may miss a couple of Easter eggs.

One reoccurring specter named The White Shadow makes a guest appearance. There’s also a toll-free number featured in the last seconds of the video.  If you give this number a call, you will be greeted by a strange string of random phrases. This oddity is actually just a number that telephone companies used over thirty years ago to test their lines. Whether it is through setting, characters, or abandoned phone numbers, iDKHOW maintains the appearance of a relic from the past. Check out “Social Climb” below: