Press Play: Generationals

Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer began their indie pop journey in 2008 while attending Louisiana State in Baton Rouge. The duo decided on the name Generationals after taking notice of the incessant coverage during the 2008 election and how every problem was labeled a “generational” issue. It wasn’t long before they released their debut album “Con Law.” “Con Law” was a sunny 60s pop time-capsule complete with big horns and girl-group harmonies. This modern use of vintage influences made the name ‘Generationals’ even more fitting. 

The pair brought the best of their retro vibe across various releases while still remaining fresh. Sophomore album “Actor-Caster” is full of bright, catchy tunes with subtle variances from their signature genre-bending sound. Their third effort “Heza” takes a subdued approach with soft percussion and captivating vocal effects. The band honed in on bouncy pop grooves with added layers of electronic beats and shimmering synths on their fourth album “Alix.” 

“Reader as Detective” is the latest product of the duo’s developed discography. The album combines vintage pop influences and modern pop production in a way that Generationals has proven to be most capable. They also explore new methods of experimentation from the stuttering drums in Dream Box to the jogging rhythms of  I Turned My Back on the Written Word. Whether listeners start from the earliest or the latest, there’s something good to discover from Generationals.