Press Play: Still Woozy

Still Woozy initially broke out in 2017 with the release of dream-inducing single “Goodie Bag”. A handful of singles later, he set the stage for his creative cocktail of R&B beats, pop influences, and funky sounds. The Oakland-based artist produces and mixes all of his own music. His inventive production provides dense tracks with layers of instrumentation. Still Woozy honed in on this signature style back in May when he released his debut EP. 

“Lately” is a five-track effort that holds the best elements of Still Woozy’s past singles as well as fresh nuances. The opening track Lava is an addictive tune with sun-soaked instrumentals and silky smooth vocals. The songs on “Lately” ride on an effortless groove while still providing a diverse range of sonic aesthetics. Take Ipanema for example– this track draws inspiration from bossa nova and features like-minded artists Omar Apollo and Elujay. “Lately” is a wondrous collection of songs that will have you grooving no matter the time or place. 

Still Woozy has hand-crafted a distinct sound over the course of his slim discography. His unmistakable blend of genres is unrestricted and absolutely liberated. Still Woozy is far from clouded by a need for commercial success or critical acclamation, he is focused on surfing his own wave of musical innovation.