Press Play: Surf Curse

Surf Curse is a rock outfit composed of Nick Rattigan (lead vocals/drums) and Jacob Rubeck (guitar). They originally hailed from Reno, Nevada as an up-and-coming garage rock band. The duo moved to Los Angeles, California before the release of their second album, “Nothing Yet” in 2017. Their surfy garage rock style was injected with lush pop instrumentation and rich production. 

“Nothing Yet” is a nine-track effort that never wanes in energy. Surf Curse keeps the sound lively throughout with relentless driving drums and guitar strumming. Opening track Christine F sets the troubled tone of the album. The second track Doom Generation continues the restless pulse with reflections on longing, nostalgia, and grief. The album ends on a somber note with Falling Apart, a stunning ballad with swelling strings and gentle harmonies.  The record is superb with sonically-tight composition and a wide range of emotion.

Earlier this summer, Surf Curse announced their forthcoming album “Heaven Surrounds You.” The record is set to release on September 13th. So far the band has released two peeks at the album Disco and Midnight Cowboy. These glossy tracks are signature Surf Curse songs complete with full-sounding percussion and sparky guitar riffs. The band’s stronger production is a step forward and a guarantee that 2019 will be their biggest, boldest year yet.