Press Play: MIYNT

MIYNT began her musical journey with an elegantly gloomy cover of Britney Spears …Baby One More Time in 2015. The Swedish songbird serenaded many with her soft melancholy, rough edges, and overall grace. After signing with B3SCI records, MIYNT blessed listeners with a debut project appropriately titled “EP. No 1” in September of 2016. 

The six-song debut is a rich excursion of hazy instrumentation and sultry vocals. Opening track After The Gold Rush is a dedication to Neil Young’s 1970 album of the same name. Her funky blend of smooth electro beats and grungy guitar is a far cry from Neil Young’s sound, but the optimistic sentiments are all the same. “EP. No 1” has a pleasant palette of moodiness– especially on track The Deer or the Hunter. The track opens on a high-pitched synth with a tremolo effect and crisp percussion. The song oscillates between quiet moments of stripped-down instrumentation and dense layers of lush electronic sounds. It works as an ominous backdrop for lyrics, Here I lost my cards / Here I lost my lost notion / I swim with the sharks / back to the ocean

Last month MIYNT released her second EP “Stay On Your Mind.” It’s a nine-track charmer with electro-pop flourishes and simmering sounds of psychedelia. Vacation With Bond In South of France, Pt. 2 is a hazy funk-inspired trip with roots in the artist’s discarded Bond film script. Peaches is a dreamy track with a strong drumbeat and trippy guitar. MIYNT produced the music video herself with still images and footage of an office from the 1970s. You can enjoy her collage of thick-framed glasses and even thicker mustaches here: