Press Play: Señor Fin

Señor Fin currently hails from Seattle, Washington. The five-piece band consists of Jesse Miller (guitar), Ronan Delisle (guitar), Jesse Botello (bass), Mason Lynass (drums), and Jon Rath (keys). When it comes to who is doing the singing, it’s a team effort. The group is self-described as “genre-neutral”, but for the sake of labels, they can be described as classic indie rock injected with a healthy dose of jazz. 






In October of 2017, Señor Fin released “Jazzy”; it’s a sunny record with a title that speaks for itself. The layers of intricate guitar, toned-down keys, and drum patterns glide from track to track in a haze of dreamy production. Beneath these sun-soaked instrumentals, there is some serious introspection. The band has a confessional style of songwriting inspired by the world around them. 

Señor Fin brought a diverse sonic and emotional palette on their latest album “Hardly Alone.”  Their newest band member Jon Rath gave their guitar-heavy sound a boost with creative synth and keyboard tones.  On lyrics, Lynass explained, “Our lyrics can be uplifting and grateful for one song, reflective and introspective for the next, and we strive to write music that accurately represents those feelings.” 

Señor Fin has hit a sweet spot while bridging the gap between rock and jazz. They crafted a unique middle ground amiable to any listener. Their fusion is also the perfect delivery for their thoughtful, provoking lyrics.