RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 9/20/2019

With another week come and gone, we welcome the newcomers to the Top 10! The Night Cafe and Frankie Cosmos jump straight into the countdown as if they’re on a mission and we bid farewell to Black Belt Eagle Scout.

A special shoutout to this week’s Honorable Mention, Queen of Jeans and our featured Up & Coming Artist, One Two Ten! Last but certainly not least, huge congratulations to Blue Vervain claiming victory above all!

2 FRANKIE COSMOS | Close It Quietly
3 THE NIGHT CAFÉ | 0151 (Zero One Five One)
4 FLAMINGOS PINK | Kustom Kreme
6 THE PARLOR MOB | Dark Hour
7 LUNCH LADY | Angel
8 BOY SCOUTS | Free Company
9 LITTLE CHURCH | It’s Not You [EP]
10 SAFER | Sleepless Nights [EP]
Honorable Mention:
QUEEN OF JEANS | If You’re Not Afraid, I’m Not Afraid
Up & Coming:
ONE TWO TEN | Hurry Up & Wait

Here’s to another great week of true alternative music. Tune in next Friday at Noon and we’ll do it all over again!

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