Press Play: Starcrawler

Starcrawler is a young act from Los Angeles, California and they’re most known for their intense performances. Frontwoman Arrow de Wilde gets interactive with the crowd, oftentimes by spewing fake blood at them. The band’s arresting and original brand of rock n’ roll is potent fuel for their provocative stage antics.

Starcrawler released their debut self-titled album in January of 2018. The record is ripe with gritty determination and mind-melting guitar shreds. The second track “Love’s Gone Again” pairs old school rock and roll rhythms with punk influences. Starcrawler provides a halfway ironic homage to their unconventional hometown on lead single “I Love LA.” Their debut holds an impressive armory of sound with influences from early 70s hard rock, metal, punk, and even rhythm and blues. The group’s rebellious spirit is clearly echoed in their unique catalog of songs.

Last friday Starcrawler dropped their sophomore album Devour You. The effort holds plenty of the band’s signature punk and garage rock moments but track “No More Pennies” takes a different direction. The group channels a wistful feeling on “No More Pennies” with twangier country-esque instrumentals and pleasant call-and-response vocals during the bridge. Whether it’s heavy or mellow, Starcrawler has proven to be a natural talent.