Press Play: The Curls

The Curls are an eccentric band from Chicago that have been labeled as many things from art rock to pop rock to experimental indie. Although the band has plenty of labels to choose from, they tend to evade genres with their adventurous style. On their 2017 record “Super Unit”, they wove an eclectic sound with influences from post-punk, psych-pop, and jazz.

The Curls have an ambitious sound but they brought it to the next level with their most recent album “Bounce House.” The Curls unfurled chaos on Lemon Lime with a wall of experimental electronic noise straight from the Animal Collective handbook. The band also took their funky left-field hooks and meshed them with an indie rock sound on track Bad Boi. “Bounce House” also has a few chill comedowns, including Isn’t It Funny. The mellow track is an invitation to take a much-needed meditation with groovy synths and sultry saxophone.

The weird world of The Curls is a bold one. They aren’t afraid of taking sonic risks or venturing a variety of moods and genres. The Curls have forged their own path of psychedelic playfulness and it doesn’t look like they will be veering from that path anytime soon.