RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 10/11/2019

We had to say a few goodbyes on this week’s countdown but we are pleased to welcome Ex-Nowegian, Chastity Belt, Low Hum, The Extensions and Frankiie (who just happened to be last week’s Up & Coming).

We’ve also got to introduce Glassreels to the mix as this week’s Honorable Mention. And SOMOS caught our attention with their creative rhythms and generous hearts which is why we’re happy to feature them as this week’s Up & Coming Artist.

Last, but not least, Peach Pyramid takes the throne as the #1 artist this week!

1 PEACH PYRAMID | Bright Blue
2 SURF CURSE | Heaven Surrounds You
3 EX NORWEGIAN | Something Unreal
4 CHASTITY BELT | Chastity Belt
5 LOW HUM | Room To Breathe
6 THE EXTENSIONS| Bellicose [EP]
7 FRANKIIE | Forget Your Head
8 CONES | Pictures Of Pictures
9 LONG BEARD | Means To Me
10 ONE TWO TEN | Hurry Up & Wait
Honorable Mention:
GLASSREEL | Unalike [EP]
Up & Coming:
SOMOS | Prison On A Hill

Be sure to tune in again next Friday @ Noon and we’ll do it all over again!

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