What To Take Away From Big Thief’s AMA

Big Thief has had a busy year with their latest album Two Hands releasing just five months after U.F.O.F. Both albums have been critically acclaimed, and have been rated by Pitchfork as a 9.0 or above. Thankfully, Big Thief found a quiet minute among the releases and reviews to answer fan questions earlier today. Hosted on the subreddit r/indieheads, the AMA (Ask Me Anything) answers questions ranging from how Big Thief is handling newfound fame to what bands they recommend.

Adrianne Lenker gave closure to fans who were worried that the recent media attention may affect Big Thief, “I feel like we just keep digging in even more to our own hearts and friendships with each other, and we all have a pretty strong repulsion to a lot of industry stuff. We just want to focus on making records, creating peaceful gatherings via shows, and expanding our own consciousness collectively and individually.”

Adrianne also provided sage advice for musicians who are just starting out, “I think if you wanna make it a career just think of the career part last and dedicate fully to the craft… make records with friends or at home or by any means possible. Burn CDs and release on Bandcamp. Email and research venues and house shows and cafes. Play anywhere and everywhere.” When it comes to lesser-known bands to blow your mind, guitarist Buck Meek recommended Twain, Tiny Hazard, Kidi Band, Fell Runner, Relatives, Nick Youbet, and Really Big Pinecone.

Check out the full AMA here.