Press Play: Guerilla Toss

Guerilla Toss has a nearly indefinable sound. Over the past decade, The New York City-based band has managed a constant parade of artsy, diverse sonics that are not easy to pin down in just a few simple genre descriptors. Since the beginning of their career, Guerilla Toss thrilled many with their odd time signatures, dissonant instrumentals, and unprecedented combination of emphatic and melodic vocals. The group’s frontwoman Kassie Carlson is a driving force with her distinct vocals. She is a pro at taking off-the-wall musical instrumentation and making it an infectious hook that people can sing along to.

The group has amassed an impressive discography with a handful of studio albums and over half a dozen EPs. On their 2017 album GT Ultra, their music became more accessible as their disorienting sound was polished with glossy synth, robust drum machines, and milder vocals. Guerilla Toss delved into new wave and psychedelia on their 2018 album Twisted Crystal. The band had a modern take on psychedelia with splashes of futuristic keys and mesmerizing vocal layering.

What Would The Odd Do? is the latest effort from these unapologetically zany pioneers. The five-track EP was released just last month. On the track “Future Doesn’t Know”, the band presents a funky, futuristic groove in a 15/8 time signature. Although the song is one of the band’s poppiest releases to date, it has a heavy dose of their trademark off-kilter feeling. The lead single “Plants” has a gritty baseline topped with reverb-drenched vocals and synths. The soaring disco jam is accompanied by equally mystifying visuals.