Press Play: Men I Trust

Dragos Chiriac, Emma Proulx and Jessy Caron, known collectively as Men I Trust, are a French-Canadian pop group that produce indie hits perfect for your autumn playlist. The band started out with their debut self-titled album in 2014 and later released their second album Headroom in 2015. Both of these records were part of an earlier era in which Proulx had not been brought on as the band’s main vocalist yet, so the songs feature guest singers. 

Men I Trust’s first two albums demonstrated a sound that fell somewhere within the blurry boundaries of alternative rock, bedroom pop, and ambient R&B. The trio has racked up an impressive discography, including twelve consecutive singles that they released from 2016 to 2019. These singles helped the band build up quite a fanbase– their youtube channel now boasts 150K subscribers and Tyler The Creator is a fan.  

The band dazzled listeners with the release of their third album Oncle Jazz back in September. In its 71 minute runtime, the record manifests a unique and independent sonic world. You’ll hear the traditional acoustic guitar stylings of indie folk, the signature languid vocals and slide guitar of dream pop, the complexity and dissonance of jazz chord structures, as well as the groovy bass-led rhythms of funk. The outcome? A dynamic, immersive album with a warm, cozy quality. 

Men I Trust’s success is significant, especially because they are an autonomous indie band that accomplished it all without the help of a record label or PR team. Because of their die-hard independent attitude, listeners can always count on them for a refined, idiosyncratic style.