SOAK Covers The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

It has been a productive year for SOAK, real name Bridie Monds-Watson. The artist released her sophomore album Grim Town and tackled a cover of Sleater-Kinney’s “Modern Girl.” The singer-songwriter is ending 2019 on a strong note with a cover of The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” The song is from their 2010 album High Violet, and one of the most notable qualities is frontman Matt Berninger’s resonant baritone vocals.  SOAK’s voice is a strong contrast, and it brings a fresh take to the nearly ten-year-old track.

SOAK took a minimalistic approach with languidly strummed guitar and soft, breathy vocals. Her bright, tuneful vocals bring out the song’s cinematic quality, and it seems that’s exactly what the artist was aiming for. In a press release, Monds-Watson said, “There’s something so special about the imagery The National manages to create within their music and I often catch myself imagining each song as its own movie trailer. I love the manic world this song creates.”

Listen to SOAK’s take on “Bloodbuzz Ohio” below: