Spoon releases demo of song “Inside Out”

This morning, Spoon released an early demo for their track “Inside Out.” The release gives valuable insight into the evolution of the song. The original version is a stand-out track on the band’s 2014 album They Want My Soul. The finished version of “Inside Out” was packed with lush textures constructed from layers of synthesizers and strings.

The finished project stands in stark contrast to the bare-bones structure of its predecessor. With only a two-minute runtime, the demo features frontman Britt Daniels playing the piano and crooning in a more raw, grittier voice. Every word is deliberate as Daniels puts emphasis on lyrics that explore the relationship among time, gravity, and love.

To celebrate the release of Spoon’s “best of” compilation Everything Hit at Once which released over the summer, the band will be dropping rare versions of songs. These special releases will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the next month. Spoon has previously released recording session footage of “My Mathematical Mind” from their 2005 album Gimme Fiction. They also released a live performance of that same album’s “I Summon You.”