Caribou Announces New Album and Shares New Single

Dan Snaith of Caribou has kept fans anxious for another release since his LP Our Love dropped all the way back in 2014. Over the past five years, Snaith has lent his attention to focus on side-project Daphni, but this morning he announced the forthcoming Caribou album Suddenly. The record drops on February 28th of next year, and you can pre-order and/or pre-save it here. This announcement also came with the new single “You and I,” which fits right into the Caribou discography of melodic, electronic anthems.

“You and I” follows the release of lead single “Home” back in October. On the latest single, Snaith elaborated in a statement, “‘You and I’ was one of the first tracks on the album that I started, and one of the last tracks I finished,” He continued, “It existed in some form or other throughout the whole arc of making the record. It also captures a lot of what the record, and the title of the album, are about – the track changes suddenly and unpredictably, and it is about a change in my life that happened out of the blue.” Listen to the song here:

Suddenly album art and tracklist:

01. Sister
02. You And I
03. Sunny’s Time
04. New Jade
05. Home
06. Lime
07. Never Come Back
08. Filtered Grand Piano
09. Like I Loved You
10. Magpie
11. Ravi
12. Cloud Song