Foxing Comes Home

Okay, to be fair, Foxing goes home may be more accurate. Regardless, the band played their final show of 2019 on December 14th.  The Nearer My God tour ended in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri at the Delmar.

For those who couldn’t make the six-hour roadtrip,  Jr. Clooney and Tonina are two fellow-St. Louisians that played incredible shows.  The St. Louis music scene’s diversity and freshness was on full-display at this celebratory event.

Described in YouTube comments as both “sick” and “nasty”, Jr. Clooney played an instrumental set to open up the night.  The band broke up the groovy numbers with banter and games of rock-paper-scissors.

Tonina took the stage and the crowd’s breath away.  The artist commanded the stage with a sly and warm confidence.  A classically trained bassist, Tonina opted for  an edgier, rock-leaning set with a kiss of her signature worldly flair.  Who would’ve guessed a Nat King Cole cover would happen at what was an expected-emo show?

After stirring the crowd with “My Heart Will Go On”, Foxing struck up the album-opening “Grand Paradise”.  The sold-out Delmar was packed with not only Foxing’s friends and family, but sound as they played every song with unbridled emotion. The band played their most recognizable tracks, along with deeper cuts they’ve created over their nine-years together (and a never-before-heard track, shhhhh…). Tracks pulled from The Albatross, Dealer, and Nearer My God melted together to create the perfect medley of Foxing’s near-decade long evolution. In its quieter moments, the band hushed to bare-bones instrumentation and soft murmurs, then gave way dynamically to everything-at-the-wall sound, screaming, and, yes, the trumpet made several appearances.

With the decade at its end, Foxing announced they would be ending tour and taking time to work on their fourth album.

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