Listen Local: November 2019

This a cliche, but how is it already the last month of the year? November flew by, but it definitely brought tons of great local music to be grateful for.

Beachfriends – So Far So Good

After weeks of not wanting to leave the house unless uniformed in a full-puffy coat and bundled up in scarves, Beachfriends has us ready to pack the bags and head for the coast. “Beach Boys” is a warm dip in the ocean with each following track setting the mood for your dream vacation.  So Far So Good is the record we needed to get us through this nightmare season.

Breakup – “Easier”
Breakup just released their EP, Miss Me, in August, but they’re back and ready to heal our hearts.  If you need an indie-pop soundtrack for heartbreak (and self-empowerment), get on this track.

Cliffdiver – At Your Own Risk
There are no lifeguards on duty or on this album. With At Your Own Risk, Cliffdiver beckons listeners to reflect and work on themselves.  These five tracks tell a story, so get comfy and go on an emotional journey in under twenty five minutes. The band played a sold-out show at Tulsa’s Vanguard, with a live video dropping just weeks later.

Husbands – “Culebra” / “She’s a Betty”
To quote Husbands themselves, “Will you do me one solid?” That solid being listening to these singles, of course.  The OKC band has been dropping tracks over the last few months.  The album’s kicking off 2020 for us, with a release date of January 14th.

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