Press Play: Post Animal

Post Animal is an eclectic psychedelic rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band explores many facets of psychedelic music, typically combining heavy, proggy psychedelic rock with an appropriate dose of power pop. Post Animal’s sound travels at a subdued pace, blurring angular guitar lines and drenching each song in effects.  The group consists of Dalton Allison (bass), Jake Hirshland (guitar/keyboard), Javi Reyes (guitar), Wesley Toledo (drums), Matt Williams (guitar) and Joe Keery (guitar). As for vocals, everyone contributes to their respective compositions.

Post Animal’s 2015 album Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Water Activities is concentrated with unforgiving guitar riffs juxtaposed against pretty choruses and pre-choruses. Standout track “Alabaster” is a stunning reprieve from the relentless riffing with its sweet vocal harmony bridge. The synth lead from “Hoverin’ All Night” is straight out of the Kevin Parker playbook, and inflates the chorus with mesmerizing vigor. Overall, PAPTMCWA instrumentals are powerful with not a thin-sounding guitar, fingerpick, or arpeggio in earshot. It’s all head-bobbing psychedelic rock nostalgia.

Post Animal leaned less on haze and fuzz for their 2018 album When I Think of You in a Castle. The elements still made an appearance with layers of dense yet colorful guitar lines. The band crafted memorable and melodic hooks, especially on track “Ralphie.” The earworm emanates a sugary-sweetness with Allison’s and Keery’s voices soaring over a swirling array of guitars. The song “Gelatine Mode” is a sludgy opus with a barrage of riffs and half-paced breakdowns. “Gelatine Mode” is accompanied by a wintry and absurd video, of which you can watch below:

Last month, Post Animal released single “Schedule” and announced their upcoming album Forward Motion Odyssey. The single takes no reservations and dives right into pop territory. The band will be without the help of Joe Keery for album number 2, as he recently departed from the band in order to focus full-time on acting. The follow-up to When I Think Of You In A Castle is set to release on February 14, 2020. You can pre-order it here.