Mad Honey on Tulsa Time

If you’re in need of a friendly smile and a fun show, Tulsa is the exact place to be.  Seriously, head to the Arts District or mill around a venue, and all of a sudden, you’ll probably find a tour guide and a new best friend.  Example: this week, an audience at The Vanguard got to hear some of Tulsa’s latest bands and welcome Mad Honey to town.

Opening the night were indie-rockers Graveyard Party.  The band has a five-song EP online, where you can check out their diverse sound.  There’s a kiss of lo-fi, some nineties flair, and a touch of sunkissed-surf speckled throughout these tracks. Strong swaying vibes at their live show.

Wolf Ugly followed with a dynamic set, switching between soft-and-heartfelt and raucous alt-rock. Brett Mitchell has been performing over the past year, playing shows at The Vanguard with the likes of Alexis Onyango, Mike Frazier, and Adonis Alessi. For Tuesday’s show, he welcomed Johnny on drums.

Mad Honey made their way to the Vanguard all the way from Oklahoma City for the first time.  Their dreamy indie rock was made even more intimate by the closeness of the floor show.  The band played familiar singles, “Blue & You” and “Carole’s Slumber Party”.  They just released debut EP, Theories, and played several from it.  Not only was this Mad Honey’s first show of the year, but their first time in Tulsa!  Here’s to wishing they’ll bring their groove-worthy sound back to us soon.

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