Press Play: Palace

Leo Wyndham, Matt Hodges and Rupert Turner are the masterminds behind Palace’s unique brand of atmospheric indie rock. The band first introduced their sound branding it as “blues space rock” on their debut effort Lost In The Night in October of 2014. The lead track “Bitter” is a mix of dreamy guitars and clever drum rhythms. Wyndham’s vocals are pensive and seeping with melancholy as he repeats, “Why am I bitter, bitter, bitter?“, the repeated phrase providing an effective hook. Palace made a strong start with the authentic delivery of soulful and sensitive indie with an alternative blues-driven edge.

The band’s anxiously-awaited debut album came in 2016, titled So Long Forever. The record was heavily influenced by Wyndham’s parent’s divorce, loss and the overall devastation of excruciating breakups. Standout track “Holy Smoke” oozes with vulnerability. It’s a gorgeous build-up with graceful guitar riffs rolling over big drums and deep-burrowing bass. Palace’s musicianship on So Long Forever is commendable. They skillfully combined luscious guitars, cinematic soundscapes and sonic layers.

Loss is once again a recurrent theme on Palace’s 2019 album Life After.  Both the opening track “Life After” and closing track “Heaven Up There” provide grandiose moments with moving strings that swell along with Wyndham’s vocals. The record solidifies the true blue indie feel that Palace is known for. It also demonstrates the band’s penchant for storytelling, each lyric is engaging, personal and heartwarming.

Palace makes songs that are mature, emotionally literate, and stubbornly somber. There’s a true art to their musicianship– every song is atmospheric and totally immersive.