RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 1/10/2020

We are breezing steadfast into a new year and 2020 is already looking fierce for the Top 10 Countdown! We’ve got some monumental action taking place this week as Class Photo jumps back into the mix after falling out just three weeks ago.

Varsity takes the #4 spot with their impressive 6th consecutive week fighting it out on the countdown. We also see Sassy 009 fall from the top spot as Dayglow takes reign yet again. Of the five weeks he’s been on the countdown, Dayglow has spent three of those weeks in the #1 spot!

1          DAYGLOW | Fuzzybrain

2          SASSY 009 | KILL SASSY 009

3          THE SMALL CALAMITIES | designer heartache.

4          VARSITY | The Basement Takes

5          LATVIAN RADIO | Give In To The Night

6          TIM AYRE | Tim Ayre [EP]

7          ALEXANDRIA MAILLOT | Benevolence

8          CAROLINE SAYS | Ohio River [EP]

9          CLASS PHOTO | Light Years Later

10        PALACE | Life After

Honorable Mention:


Up & Coming:

DREAMING OF GHOSTS | Dreaming of Ghosts

Can Sassy 009 pull off another victory? Will we see Varsity take a spot for another week on the countdown? Tune in next Friday at Noon to find out!

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