AWOLNATION Debuts New Music Video, Details Upcoming Album

Today AWOLNATION debuted the music video for the track “Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever” from their upcoming Angel Miners and the Lightning Riders album. With such an exuberant title, there’s a lot of pressure for the visuals to be up to par. Fear not because this music video lives up to the task. The video finds frontman Aaron Bruno and his bandmates raising the roof– in a dollar store, amongst piñatas, on stage, and with guest vocalist Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

The inspiration behind the video comes from the Beastie Boys and 90s hip-hop music videos. The visual also features an homage to Radiohead’s track from 1995 “Fake Plastic Trees” with Bruno spending a portion of the video rolling about in a shopping cart. Bruno told Billboard in a press statement, “It’s a reminder that music can be really lighthearted. A lot of artists get carried away in taking themselves really seriously, but the music we’re playing, especially this time, is supposed to be really playful and fun, and I think (the video) really captures that.”

AWOLNATION’s fourth studio album Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders found its roots in a heavy situation. Bruno and his bandmates were on the road when the Woosley Fire tore through Malibu and endangered his house and ultimately destroyed his home studio in November of 2018.  The result on Angel Miners is what Bruno calls “kind of a concept album, a good, old-fashioned story of good and evil.” Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders is available for streaming and for purchase on April 24th.  You can pre-save and pre-order the new album at this link.