Lala Lala & Grapetooth Share New Collaborative Songs

Chicago artists Lala Lala and Grapetooth have come together for two new collaborative songs, “Fantasy Movie” and “Valentine.” Last month, Lala Lala released her first single since 2018’s The Lamb, “Legs, Run.” Grapetooth also released their debut album in 2018. The two bands have quite the camaraderie as they’ve played shows together in the past.

The group’s collaborative effort is a fruitful one. Both tracks are dreamy and languid, Lille West and Clay Frankel’s voices are a pleasantly striking pair. Concerning the tracks, Chris Bailoni of Grapetooth stated, “I wanted [“Fantasy Movie”] to be filled with lots of layers of wobbly detuned organs and synths with a similar timbre that constantly cut in and out throughout the arrangement.” He continued, “[On “Valentine”] Lillie and Clay [Frankel] sang beautifully for hours and left the session file with almost 100 tracks on it – organizing and then mixing that song was a wild maneuver but I’m super happy with how the songs came out. I love making music with these two pals.”

Stream the two lovesick songs below: