Deerhoof Announce New Album and Share Singles

In these difficult times, at least we have Deerhoof to act as a beacon of stability. Although the band isn’t known for maintaining a definite sound, we can always expect it to be great. That’s why it’s exciting that Deerhoof has announced their first album since 2017’s Mountain Moves. The new record is called Future Teenage Cave Artists and is out May 29th via Joyful Recordings.

The new record was self-produced by the band’s current members Satomi Matsuzaki, Ed Rodriguez, John Dieterich, and Greg Saunier. Future Teenage Cave Artists finds Deerhoof wrestling with the current state of affairs and realization that “normal is never coming back.” Throughout the album, the San Francisco band draws on a “revolutionary mood” while being “haunted by memories of a lost world and every failed attempt to save it,” according to a statement.

Today we get the first look at Future Teenage Cave Artists, which includes the title track and “The Loved One.” On the shimmering title track, Deerhoof stated they “wanted to express what it feels like knowing that the rebels are our only hope. Today’s derelicts, romantics, and children are forced to be tomorrow’s heroes.” Check out both singles below: