Falling in Love with Locals

February is definitely the most swoon-worthy month, yeah? A whole day dedicated to love, then clearance chocolate the rest of the month? What a dream, what a dream. As a little love letter to you, dear listeners, I’ve gathered up a couple releases from Oklahoma artists.

Factory Obscura – Mix-Tape Vol. 1.

This has all of the DIY swoon-factor of curating a playlist for your crush with the ease of doing none of the work yourself. The Mix-Tape features several local sweeties: Audio Book Club, Bad Jokes, step mom, LCG and the X, Jabee and LTZ, and Jarvix feat. Elecktra. Each of the tracks is designed to bring you back to how you feel when carefully picking those songs – all the nerves/excitment/dread/hope. The collection of songs is currently available in physical form at Factory Obscura or you can stay tuned in at RSU Radio to hear these special-edition tracks.

Special Thumbs – “Virgin Visions”


Special Thumbs saved this track for a special day; “Virgin Visions” dropped on Valentines Day. It’s sweet, it’s fun, and it’s sure to have you spinning around with your special someone.  The band tease another surprise at the end of March.

Søaker – Søaker
It’s been said a thousand times: Love is punk rock.  While workshopping cute pet names, you’ll find “Rat Face” probably won’t win you any points, but adding “Kim Trail” to your crush’s playlist is the perfect way to flex your taste in rock. Søaker released a cassette tape via Cult Love Sound Tapes this month.  Catch the band at one of their upcoming all-ages shows, like Whitty Books’ April 4th show with War Whistle and Meadow Maker.

cursetheknife – “Pop Weed”
OKC’s cursetheknife brought the volume on this track. Whether on guitar, drums, or vocals, everyone is giving it their all on this single.  In an interview with Lovers Spit, the band predicted a big year including progress on an EP and a potential tour.

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