Press Play: Arbor Labor Union

According to their bio, Arbor Labor Union was born “from a peach tree in Georgia in the American south.” The band oscillates between rock and weird while crafting hypnotic songs from the basic structures of classic rock and post punk. They don’t harp on a sense of nostalgia though, they’ve got a fresh sound that stands out in the current musical zeitgeist.

Arbor Labor Union brought the best of Southern-fried eclectic music on their debut album I Hear You. The tracks are long, the six-strings are loud and the grooves are absolutely mesmerizing. Transmission granted / Safe passage through the maze, yelps frontman Bo Orr on “Hello Transmission” shortly before the floodgates creak open and riff after repetitious riff begin to pour out. I Hear You is only a little unruly, so don’t expect a dense, psychedelic slog. Rather, expect a sun-beaten and optimistic invitation to party.

On their latest album New Petal Instants, Arbor Labor Union lean more heavily on Creedence Clearwater Revival roots rock. The band takes a relatively blissed-out approach with bird chips and banjo flourishes found throughout the record.  These elements are countered when Arbor Labor Union thrash, churn and heave barreling rhythms on heavier tracks “Give Us The Light” and “Pipers Play’d”. The album’s lead single “Flowerhead” follows its own freewheeling drift. Its visual accompaniment joyfully blends collage-based stop motion with clips from nature footage, retro dance videos and DVD guitar lessons. Watch and listen here: