Press Play: Down Time

Denver-based rock trio Down Time has a sound that is self-described as “Grandma jams: The Velvet Underground meets Frankie Cosmos — maybe Courtney Barnett style too.” The band consists of Alyssa Maunders, Justin Camilli and David B. Weaver, three friends who originally got together for the sake of fun, but ended up making something beautiful. The sentiment comes through in Down Time’s music, each song contains a sense of optimism and a warm aesthetic that is built to care and comfort, as well as celebrate life’s small joys.

In 2017, the trio released their debut effort Good Luck!. The EP introduced the signature Down Time sound: jangly, desert riffs and sugary sweet vocals all wrapped up in a carefree attitude. Nearly three years later on March 6th of this year, the band dropped their first full-length Hurts Being Alive. The record was produced by power couple Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of Tennis in their home studio. The album continues what their first effort started while hinting at a real development in the ambition and range of the group’s sound.

Hurts Being Alive is packed with lovely arrangments and warm, delicate instrumentation. The album’s lead single, “Not A Complicated Person,” has a carefree bounce to the bass and drums as well as fulfilling and warm melodies complemented by Maunders’ earnest vocals. The title track stands out with perky guitar and entrancing keys. Against a backdrop of funky rhythms, subtle piano, and a ruminative flute solo, Maunders’ vocals glide across the groovy soundscape. There’s a sense of kindness and familiarity in everything that Down Time does. They have a gentle and irrepressible spirit with music that is sincere and wholesome.