Waxahatchee Shares New Single

We are only a couple of weeks away from the release of Waxahatchee’s fifth studio album, Saint Cloud. So far, Katie Crutchfield has released two teasers, “Fire” and “Lilacs.” Today, she has another look at the new record. “Can’t Do Much” is a twangy tune about accepting the seemingly mindless intensity of new love with the hook, I love you ’til the day I die/ I guess it don’t matter why.

On “Can’t Do Much”, Crutchfield stated, “This was the first song I wrote in this batch of songs, and I’ve been performing it live for almost two years.” She continued, “It’s meant to be an extremely unsentimental love song, a love song with a strong dose of reality. It was written early on in a relationship, where the feelings were super intense, but also fear or apprehension were sort of keeping me from totally relaxing in it yet. Sort of like ‘it’s annoying that I love you so much’ — totally unromantic, which sort of makes it really romantic to me.

“Can’t Do Much” comes with a pleasantly lo-fi visual which you can watch below: