Local Music of March

Somehow, this month has felt like a million years. From the beginning of spring to social-distancing, there’s been a lot happening in the world. That’s no different for our local and independent artists.  Tours and shows are being postponed or cancelled out right, and this is hitting musicians, artists, and entertainers hard.  Now is such an important time for the music and arts community to band together and support one another.

One of the largest ways to show support is through donation.  If you’re so inclined, one option is to donate to reputable artist relief funds. Relief funds such as the local Red Dirt Relief Fund (who have already provided $100,000 in assistance to Oklahoma artists) distribute donations to artists in need.  Merchandise sales can also be a huge help during this time; check out your favorite indie and local artists’ social medias and websites for their merch. Many artists are also partnering with local venues and hosting virtual concerts.  All the fun of supporting bands, while keeping everyone safe and sound.

Supporting without spending money is also an option.  Sharing music with friends can help artists reach people who hadn’t previously heard them. Speaking of sharing music, let’s check out March’s local releases.

Wilted – bunny boy

Wilted is an artist from Tulsa, OK (even citing familiar landmarks in song titles, “the time we made out in the guthrie green bathroom”) with an online discography dating back to January of 2019. There’s a little something for everyone on bunny boy. Touches of light indie rock, something punk-adjacent, a dash of dare-I-say emo, and the softness of alt-folk.
Track to check out: Heartbeats

LCG & the X – LCG & the X

Whoa.  If you’re in need of something to get you moving, look no further.  These OKC rockers celebrated this album mid-March with an online-quarantine-release.  From the cover alone, you already know this group is who you want on your side post-apocalypse.  Fingers crossed LCG & the X can reschedule that Slasher Disco Party in the Rainforest to honor this release. Tracks on the album are a little edgy, a little angry, even a little inspirational.
Track to check out: Lil Peaches

Chair Model – IV

Chair Model covers every base for your house party of one. IV is overflowing with infectious pop-rock that flirts with the familiar feels of funk, disco, and jazz.  You’ll likely be able to catch their signature blend on some of those shows you’re bingeing.
Track to check out: My House

Special Thumbs – “21 [F.O.L]”

There’s something fittingly apocalyptic about this latest single from OKC’s Special Thumbs.  This track may leave you trusting no one (not even your friends). This one’s definitely darker than its predecessor, “Virgin Visions” and sounds straight out of the latest dystopian blockbuster soundtrack.

One Two Ten – “Say It’s OK”

Okay, deep breaths. Count to ten. One Two Ten, that is.  “Say It’s OK” will have you blasting your speakers and dancing around your house.  Your neighbors will appreciate it. Promise. This one’s got the anthemic pop-rock flair we’ve all come to know and love from One Two Ten.

Cliffdiver – “The Water Temple Is Filled With My Tears And Now I Am Drowning In Sorrow”

Cliffdiver are following 2019’s At Your Own Risk with an introspective track about self-destructive habits…All in a poppy-emo sing-a-long that has so captured the hearts of Cliffdiver fans. The band had to cancel an upcoming tour and SXSW showcase, but keep an eye on them for streamed sets.

Pabu – “Limacine”

Are you spending a lot of time laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling? Feeling lonely? “Limacine” needs to be your score. Pabu (OKC) released this mid-month, and it hit at just the right time. Watch out for more from this fresh alt-rock group.

Chelsea Days – Home Demos

This one’s fitting for those rainy days, when you get to be cozy and do nothing all day. Chelsea Days have been playing show after show with tons of great local artists (stepmom, Roots of Thought, Candy Fly, just to name a few).  These demos were home-recorded (definitely explains the cozy factor) and are the first taste of a teased debut record.

Stay tuned in here to RSU Radio and help spread a little more love to our locals in these coming months!

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