Retirement Party Announce New Album and Share Title Track

Chicago is the birthplace of many great bands, Retirement Party being among them. The trio developed a dedicated following with their seamless blend of indie rock and emo after the release of their debut full-length Somewhat Literate in 2018. Now, the band is back with a new single and a new album on the way.

Runaway Dog is out on May 15th, and the first look at the new album comes is the title track. “Runaway Dog” is one big anthem, locked in and booming. The title track sees frontwoman Amy Springer confronting her loss of ambition while drums burst behind her and she plays a resounding guitar melody. “I should rely a little less on success, a little more on divisible time,” she sings. “My appetite is not what it used to be/Moving onward, counting sheep.” Although the lyrics describe being zapped of energy, the song itself has unshakable vitality. Check out the music video for “Runaway Dog” here:

Runaway Dog artwork and tracklist:

1. Runaway Dog
2. Compensation
3. Old Age
4. Fire Blanket
5. No Tide
6. I Wonder If They Remember You
7. Ebb
8. Better Off Now
9. Afterthought
10. Wild Boyz