The Mountain Goats Announce New Music

The Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle released a 57-second song with an obscenely long title to let fans know that more new music is on its way. In the video, Darnielle promises “There’s going to be a new Mountain Goats tape. You might want to watch this space on Friday.” By “this space”, he means the Mountain Goats YouTube channel. The channel has already had some exciting activity in recent days with Darnielle debuting new songs “For The Snakes“, “Exegetic Chains“, and “Until Olympus Returns” all while rocking a quarantine goatee.

For this new song, the title can be found in the YouTube description which reads: “The Proliferation Of Marvel Universe Timelines Has Made It Impossible For Me To Use Search Engines To Determine Which Issue From The 70s Had Loki Predicting The Immanence of Ragnarok In Its Final Panel But It Certainly Wasn’t #272, Or, New Mountain Goats Tape Song.” From what this writer has gathered, John Darnielle released this bite-sized song simply to let us know that a new Mountain Goats tape is dropping on Friday. Check it out below: