The Strokes Share Another New Single

This Friday, we will be blessed with a new album from The Strokes, one of the few prominent artists who aren’t pushing back their album cycle due to the global pandemic that has rendered most of the population homebodies. The New Abnormal is only four days away, and the strokes have already given us promising singles “At The Door” and “Bad Decisions.” Today, we have another look at the new album.

The new single “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus”, much like the past two singles, shows the Strokes exploring new territory. The band goes all-in on 80s synthpop with a choppy, energetic keyboard riff. It’s a driving and catchy song that sees lead singer Julian Casablancas ruminating on memories, from past friends to the 80s bands of his youth. In the chorus Casablancas recites anthemic lines, I want new friends, but they don’t want me / They’re making plans while I watch TV. 

The New Abnormal will be the Stroke’s sixth studio album, and their first in seven years. Pre-order and pre-save it here.