Dirty Projectors Announce New EP Series

In March, Dirty Projectors shared the Windows Open EP. The effort included lead vocals from band member Maia Friedman. Now it’s clear that Windows Open was never intended to be a standalone piece, instead, it is the first in a series of five EPs the band plans to release this year. The first four EPs will feature a different band member on lead vocals, while the fifth and final EP will be a collaborative effort from each of the band’s vocalists.

Today, the band announced the second EP which is titled Flight Tower. The new EP drops June 26 and features lead vocals from keyboardist and percussionist Felicia Douglass. As he did on Windows Open, Dave Longstreth wrote and produced all of the music. Along with this announcement, the band has also shared new single “Lose Your Love.”

While Windows Open leaned heavily on acoustic instrumentation and folk sounds, it seems that each EP will be tailored to a different style according to who is singing. “Lose Your Love” is a bright, creative, R&B-reminiscent song that bodes well for the malleability of Dirty Projector’s sound. The track’s exuberant instrumentation lays a strong foundation for the feel-good lyrics, “I never want to lose your love / I never want to let you down / In wilderness we won’t give up / Just hold on let yourself be found.” Check out the music video below.