Local Music Roundup: April 2020

April was equal parts ten minutes and ten years, right? At least we’ve had loads of great local music to pass the time. Here’s what’s fresh this month:

Other Lives – For Their Love

Originally from college town Stillwater, Other Lives are releasing For Their Love from Portland.  This album leans into sweet sadness and tragedy.  If you’re a fan of Fleet Foxes or darker Tallest Man On Earth, this is the one to get you through.

S. Reidy – “Abstract Gravity”

“Abstract Gravity” is what you get when you take lo-fi hip hop beats to study and chill to and add introspective poetry.  Put this one on repeat, be present, and contemplate who you are.  Keep up with S. Reidy on instagram for information on streams to catch more of his sound.

Hookup – “Neighborhood Watch” / “Danni”

We got not one but two singles from OKC’s Hookup this month.  “Neighborhood Watch” washes over in a warm and cozy wave that will have you swaying safely around the house.  “Danni” is its equally-catchy-yet-moody companion.  No shortage of hooky grooves in these alt-pop singles.

cursetheknife – “Filter”

OKC’s cursetheknife have followed up February’s “Pop Weed” with new single “Filter”.   The track is industrial and distorted.  The video is a montage of inverted color and home video.  If you’re looking for a noisy-rock fix, then cursetheknife’s got you.

The Fills – Negatives

Staying home all day feeling “Less Like Heaven”?  Then Norman’s The Fills released their first EP at just the right time for you.  These five songs hold more than enough catchy hooks to take over your indie rock soundtrack.

The Others Like Us – “Chalupacobra”

When you’re feeling a lot, there’s always The Others Like Us.  “Chalupacobra” is a DIY indie-emo-rock ballad with the dynamics to cover all the angsty emotional bases.

Lex – “Too Close” / “YOU”

Truly just what we needed: some love-adjacent songs. Soft and dreamy pop that settles smoothly. “Too Close” features Tyler Sexton, while Lex handles “YOU” solo. Maybe your heart is broken, maybe you’re considering texting your ex, maybe you should just listen to some Lex.

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