May’s Local Music Roundup

It seems like local artists are taking the time away from playing shows and going on tours to work on new music.  May welcomed releases from some well-known locals and new faces alike.  Check out the LP, split, and singles below to kick off summer!


Kat Lock – an existence

After 2019’s You Again, Kat Lock is back with a 7-song release.  On this record, Kat Lock swaps out her guitar for a piano and production from Lonemoon to orchestrate and fill out the tracks.  This quarantine creation leans into the heart-on-the-sleeve emotions, sound effects, and expressive piano of Broadway ballads.

Anchorway / The Noise Estate – Split

Pop-punk groups Anchorway and The Noise Estate teamed up to deliver an angst-infused split.  Anchorway’s “Flanders” and “Put It in Reverse Terry” have both the quirky yearning and small-town boredom that we look for in a pop-punk release. The Noise Estate created a young love anthem on “Canadian Croquet” and tells the story of a pained home-life in “Oklahomless”.


Breakup – “Easier” / “In My Head”

Feeling strange? Maybe a little low? Well, Breakup’s got the indie electro-pop answer to your troubles.  “Easier” will make the dark days of distancing way less difficult with its slow, dance-y, crashing sound.  The catchiness of “In My Head” will definitely get stuck in your head.

Chelsea Days – “Each Day Again” / “Quiet Morning, Springtime”

Chelsea Days have returned with some new tracks recorded during quarantine. They’re the perfect kind of sleepy to accompany your drizzly May mornings.

Downward – “Leechy”

After releasing their 2018 self-titled record with New Morality Zine, Downward have two singles on the way.  “Leechy” was premiered on Brooklyn Vegan and can be streamed there or via the NMZ soundcloud.  Downward’s fans will find the familiar dynamic teeter-totter paired with a little more anger on this release.

heartspace – “Candles”

“Candles” is the debut single of OKC artist heartspace.  The track is a vulnerable pop remembrance of a past romance.  If you’re ready to dig in and feel some feelings, give it a spin.  Keep an eye on heartspace, as she’s announced another single will be released this summer.

Pabu – “Miss Macy”

Don’t worry, Pabu took the opportunity to share this as “Miss MAY-cy”, so we’re meeting our dad joke quota for the month.  The five-minute alt-rock track is the band’s third single and has a lot to be excited about.

Sunday Night Foosball – “Chinese Food and Chocolate Milk”

The phrase “Chinese Food and Chocolate Milk” sounds like quite the quarantine concoction. The song “Chinese Food and Chocolate Milk” sounds like modern emo – loud and honest.

Tooth Cemetery – “Fever Dream”

Speaking of emo, Tooth Cemetery released their debut single this month. “Fever Dream” is the bi-state product of duo Brayden Lambert and Reece Carmen.

Team Chino – “Somebody U Luv”

“Somebody U Luv” is just the thing we needed following Team Chino’s 2018 release.  This single is the first from an upcoming LP.

Stay tuned in to RSU Radio for more local releases!

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