RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 5/1/2020

We lost some familiar faces this week but are pleased to welcome some new one’s! Unicorn At Heart, Music Band, Methyl Ethel, Catholic Action and Moaning all made their way into the action this week.

James Righton has been given the title of our Honorable Mention as he fell out of the countdown last week. Did you know he was married to actress, Keira Knightley? Neither did we. We also have the Hazel English as this week’s Up & Coming artist with her debut album, Wake UP!

And finally, we see that Eliza and The Delusionals have taken the #1 spot for an impressive three-week run!

1          ELIZA AND THE DELUSIONALS | A State Of Living In An Objective Reality [EP]

2          UNICORNS AT HEART | “Fixture” b/w “You’re A Mirror, Baby” [Single]

3          LOVE FAME TRAGEDY | Five Songs To Briefly Fill The Void [EP]

4          HONEY CUTT | Coasting

5          MUSIC BAND | Celebration

6          METHYL ETHEL | Hurts To Laugh [EP]

7          CAVETOWN | Sleepyhead

8          CATHOLIC ACTION | Celebrated By Strangers

9          CRISMAN | Crisman

10        MOANING | Uneasy Laughter

Honorable Mention:

JAMES RIGHTON | The Performer

Up & Coming:


Be sure to tune in next Friday at Noon to see keep up with all the excitement!

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