RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 5/29/2020

Quite a few new names breach the list this week too, with Annie Hamilton, Pure X, Heartour, and RAC all breaching the list.

Our honorable mention is previous ranker Hazel English with her album Wake UP!, having fallen just outside the list but still worth mentioning. Our up & coming artist, STRFKR, a group that started out as a solo project and has evolved during its over 10-year run.

The number one spot on the list is once again taken by Paragon Cause, now holding a two-week first place run. Will they keep the number one spot next week, or will Chicano Batman beat them out? Will STRFKR work its way to the list? Stay tuned to find out on the next exciting episode of RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown!

1           PARAGON CAUSE | Lies Between Us [EP]

2          CHICANO BATMAN | Invisible People

3          DIET CIG | Do You Wonder About Me?

4          RAC | BOY

5          HEARTOUR | R U IN

6          LOVE FAME TRAGEDY | Five Songs To Briefly Fill The Void [EP]

7          PURE X | Pure X

8          RICK ROCKER | Love Turn [EP]

9          ANNIE HAMILTON | Annie Hamilton [EP]

10        ENTER SHIKARI | Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible

Honorable Mention:


Up & Coming:

STRFKR | Live From Brooklyn Steel

Thanks for joining me for the top 10, and I’m excited to share next week’s rankings with you!

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