Marc Rebillet Drives-In to Tulsa

A global pandemic has paused many nationwide tours, but not for Marc Rebillet. Described as improvisational electronic and neo-soul, Rebillet uses a keyboard and looper station to create interesting and sometimes comical songs on the spot.

Rebillet planned to tour internationally through March but had to cancel due to COVID-19.  Instead, he played “quaranstreams”, in which he engaged with his audience through comments and let their ideas shape his songs.  Although this allowed for some connection with his listeners, it wasn’t enough to replace the concert-going experience.

So, Rebillet and his team got to work planning a tour that followed CDC guidelines, while giving concert-goers an opportunity to catch a live show.  Thus, the Drive-In tour was born.  Rebillet is loading up his looper, keyboard, and tambourines to travel to seven cities, including Tulsa.  The Admiral Twin Drive-In is hosting the concert, where Rebillet plans to improvise songs while running between the parked cars. Safety precautions are in place with plans for restroom breaks, food and merch sales, and social distancing. Disclaimer: some of Rebillet’s work does contain strong language.

Those interested in seeing Rebillet live can throw on their robes, hop in their cars, and head to the Admiral Twin on June 20th. Ticket information can be found here.