Phoebe Bridgers Releases ‘Punisher’

Earlier than anyone expected, alternative rocker Phoebe Bridgers releases her sophomore record, Punisher.  According to Bridgers, the decision came after several people reached out in regards to releasing and promoting music during turbulent times.  In response, she drops the record quickly and quietly.

Fans of Bridgers’ first album Stranger in the Alps will hear the singer’s familiar soft tone expand on Punisher. The tenderness and pain run deep, accompanied at times with biting humor and twisted words.  The record covers many sonic bases.  There are hushed, sparse tracks that turn Bridgers’ murmurs into musical ASMR. Other tracks are catchy (“Kyoto”) or crescendo into a chorus of chaos (“I Know the End”).

Although unable to tour the country, Bridgers has been touring her own house and car. Her first stop was a recording of “Kyoto” from her bathtub for the Kimmy Kimmel show.

Her second stop took the audience along for a ride. Bridgers donned her helmet, pressed play, and sang along to single “I See You” (previously stylized as “ICU”).

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