Press Play: Chicano Batman

Chicano Batman is a four-piece band based in Los Angeles that eludes a single genre descriptor. The group’s sound surfs a multitude of genres ranging from psychedelic soul, funk, tropical, indie, prog and rock. The band is composed of Bardo Martinez (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar), Carlos Arévalo (guitar), Eduardo Arenas (bass, guitar, vocals), Gabriel Villa (drums) and their music offers a fun ride with plenty of silky riffs and tempo shifts.

The band’s second album Cycles of Existential Rhyme is one spectacular jam with each track flowing into the next. The album is also a visual and audial homage to the Doors with the cover art mimicking the same art Waiting for the Sun. The sonic influence shines through the whirling organs on the title track, as well as the dreamy, romantic, and ultra-poetic lyrics heard throughout the album. The album’s lyrics also shift effortlessly from English to Spanish. Bardo Martinez’s voice is that of a classic crooner and provides each track with unrelenting optimism.

Chicano Batman graced listeners with another release this past May called Invisible People. This effort is an album to get the party started with the rhythm section bringing danceable beats on even the most oddball tracks. It covers a lot of ground recalling hip-hop, ‘80s new wave and the best psych rock of yesteryear. Lead single “Color My Life” radiates technicolor with its clever fusion of rock and disco. Overall, Invisible People is a groovy voyage of digital funk, lush synths and savvy songwriting. It also meshes well with its influences and what it aims to accomplish; a record that effortlessly blends psychedelic soul with a contemporary sound. In short, Chicano Batman has shown that they have a versatile sound with unlimited vistas to explore.