Press Play: Mini Trees

Imagine you’re lounging on the beach, taking in the sunshine and the light summer breeze. What is the perfect soundtrack for this moment? Mini Trees. Mini Trees is the project of LA singer/songwriter Lexi Vega, and her bright and melancholic jams are going to be the soundtrack of your summer.

Vega has released two EPs and a handful of singles under her Mini Trees moniker. Her first effort Steady Me is a twenty-minute mid-tempo shuffle with plenty of dance-friendly electronic beats. The language and sonic effects border on the psychedelic while maintaining a strong sense of clarity. The title track is a true standout. The buoyant tune follows a relatable storyline with dreamy vocals and groovy instrumentation. Vega’s featherweight vocals and effortless melodies create inviting energy for the bubbly enthusiasm hidden in the lyrics, “I’m light as air/ if it turns out it was just a game/ we’ll laugh about it either way.” 

Last month, Vega dropped her latest EP Slip Away. The effort continues her solid compositions with catchy melodies and sunlit harmonies. The effort holds a carefree vibe that still demands attention. Tracks like “Garden” and “April” keep you on your toes; the moment you dose off in the dreamy soundscape, you’re awoken by a sudden time change or trippy effect. The title track is beautiful and breezy with UV-drenched guitar lines and airy “ahhs” that drift in like a gentle breeze. Stream “Slip Away” and check out the music video below.