This week on the top 10 we have a big refresh of the list, with five new artists making their way on: Mini Trees, Sister Species, David Backlands Marshall, Jerry Paper, and Yellow Days. It’s exciting to see so many new names after a period of repeated rankings on the list.

Our new number one artist is previous #3 ranking Retirement Party, trumping Chicano Batman after a brief grasp of the number one spot. While repeated #1 holders are impressive, there’s something exciting about the constant grapple for #1 when frequent changes are afoot.

Our Hon Mention is Paragon Cause, the previous multi-week #1 artist. The up & coming artist for the week is indie bedroom pop artist Yung Heazy who I’ve seen climb the lower tiers of the list gradually and is getting pretty close to making his way to the top 10.

Tune in next week to see if Retirement Party will hold strong or if one of the new names to the list–maybe Mini Trees?–will climb their way to number one!

1           RETIREMENT PARTY | Runaway Dog

2          DIET CIG | Do You Wonder About Me?

3          MINI TREES | Slip Away [EP]

4          CHICANO BATMAN | Invisible People

5          SISTER SPECIES | Light Exchanges

6          DAVID BACKLANDS MARSHALL | David Backlands Marshall

7          JERRY PAPER | Abracadabra

8          YELLOW DAYS | It’s Real Love [Single]

9          WALDO WITT | Inner Paths

10        JR JR | August and Everything Prior [EP]

Honorable Mention:

PARAGON CAUSE | What We Started

Up & Coming:


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