RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 6/5/2020

It’s the first Top 10 of June, and we’re starting off strong in way of new developments! This week, we have a few new names, including The Beths making their way onto the list with the advance tracks from their soon-released album, Jump Rope Gazers, scheduled for a July 10th release. You may expect to see The Beths make their way back into the list in July when the full album is released. We also introduced Waldo Witt, Laser Background, and Retirement Party to this week’s rankings.

Our number one is an exciting development, despite having been predicted. Chicano Batman, after being a front runner for a couple weeks, has reached the number one spot! On a related note, Paragon Cause, the number one for the past couple weeks, has dropped to number 5, so their reign of the top may be over.

I suppose the next question is, will Chicano Batman have a similar multi-week #1 run, or will someone overtake them quickly? Find out next week on the Top 10 Countdown!

1           CHICANO BATMAN | Invisible People

2          DIET CIG | Do You Wonder About Me?

3          RETIREMENT PARTY | Runaway Dog

4          THE BETHS | Jump Rope Gazers [Advance Tracks]

5          PARAGON CAUSE | What We Started

6          ANNIE HAMILTON | Annie Hamilton [EP]

7          JR JR | August and Everything Prior [EP]

8          WALDO WITT | Inner Paths

9          HEARTOUR | R U IN

10        LASER BACKGROUND | Evergreen Legend

Honorable Mention:

PURE X | Pure X

Up & Coming:

CHOIR BOY | Gathering Swans

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