Press Play: Camille Delean

Camille Delean is a Montreal-based songwriter and vocalist who crafts moody, folk rock tunes full of mystery and character. She first appeared on the Canadian music scene in 2017 with her stunning debut Music On The Grey Mile. The debut introduced Delean’s dreamy sound and mellow vocals. The arrangements are amicably laid-back and lush with layers of subtle guitars, piano, strings, drums and bass. The record conveys the woes of a weary voyager, documenting disorienting years of traveling.

Three years after Music On The Grey Mile, Camille Delean has furthered her evocative sound on her second LP Cold House Burning. Rather than a reflection of years on the move, Cold House Burning is the opposite: a voyage into domesticity and isolation. The tracks were written during a long bought of near seclusion at home. Despite this, the tracks never wallow in darkness, rather, they take the listener on a cathartic sonic journey.

The instrumentals are melancholic and sparse with simple guitar chords backed by crisp piano and horns. Camille Delean’s vocals cut through the malaise with a graceful lilt. Standout track “Fault Line (Late July)” is a short Americana tune filled with fuel with subtle saxophone and stinging drums. Later track “Go Easy” is the light at the end of the tunnel with Delean singing, Go easy on the world / it’s only turning. Camille Delean’s music is characteristically somber and introspective while at the same time hopeful. She shares sentiments we can all learn from.